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The Forgotten Art Of Table Etiquette And Protocol

This workbook, as well as CD, were designed to help improve the quality of your life. By helping people put a few key principles into practice, Sabrina Samuels has seen the lives of many people change for the best, including her own. Empower and reprogram your life in a positive way......enjoy!

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The Beckman Method

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This fabulous course will teach you etiquette tips when dining out. You will never feel uncomfortable again because you will know when and how to make the right moves. You will feel confident the entire evening and you will radiate that confidence to others!

Learn dinner etiquette for a formal dining experience, including:

  • Proper hand shake, eye contact, body language
  • How to mingle before a pre-dinner reception
  • Dining skills and protocols
  • Tips on appropriate table conversation
  • Posture, how to carry yourself with confidence
  • Proper tipping etiquette for a night out
  • Dressing appropriately for the occasion

Sale Price: $19.99

plus S&H (FL residents add sales tax)
Bulk pricing available. Contact us for a quote.

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5 Star Dining Experience

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A fun and informative DVD on table etiquette and dining protocol. Enjoy Etiquette Guru Sabrina Samuels and Famous Chef Norman Van Aken of “Norman’s” 5 Star Restaurant in Orlando, Florida as they give you valuable dining tips that will keep you comfortable in any setting or for any occasion.

Motivating your higher self
  • Learn table etiquette
  • Formal, buffet, and casual dining
  • Protocol while dining at a 5-Star Restaurant
  • Practical tips when dining out