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Motivating your higher self
The Beckman Method
Take your life to the next level with one of our outstanding programs to motivate and inspire you to flourish and succeed in whichever path you choose.

By utilizing The Beckman Method, Sabrina Samuels can motivate and inspire you to be your best even when you don't believe you can.

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Enhancing your life is my passion. My job as a life coach and image consultant is to help you discover the hidden treasures, gifts, and talents within yourself.

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What are people Saying about Sabrina Samuels?

Sabrina digs down deep to help you release whatever is blocking you so you can achieve the success you desire.
The Beckman Method

Book a seminar and begin the path of discovering the hidden treasures, gifts, and talents within yourself.
Sabrina Samuels founded Beckman Etiquette, now The Beckman Method, in 1982 in Northern California. Over the years, Sabrina has taught interactive workshops and seminars, motivational and inspirational speaking, image enhancement, social and professional etiquette and protocol. Dubbed by the media as "The Etiquette Guru," her teaching resonates with her students for life.
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For your next interactive workshop or seminar Sabrina will make it one to remember! As a motivational and inspirational speaker Sabrina focuses on restructuring your thought process to harness the power of the gifts God gave you.  Sabrina Samuels has mastered the art of coaching her clients toward the path to success.